hemorrhoid surgery
Hemorrhoid Surgery

Hemorrhoids Surgery: 5 Common Surgical Procedures For Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can create a very painful and discomfort situation. However, hemorrhoids surgery should be your last option. Many people able to treat their hemorrhoids with the help of home remedies or hemorrhoids creams.

Hemorrhoids Surgery is only for those hemorrhoids sufferers who are not getting result despite trying everything else, or their hemorrhoids keep coming back.

When it comes to hemorrhoid surgery then you will find many of them. Only your doctor can tell which surgery option is best for you after going through your current condition and your medical background.

When it comes to hemorrhoids surgery, then these five options are most common: (they are sorted with the popularity)

5 Best Hemorrhoids Surgery Options:

1. Banding:

Banding Surgery

Banding is the most common surgical procedure for hemorrhoids because you don’t have to stay overnight in the hospital. Additionally, the recovery period is very short and you will not need to use a general anesthetic, but you will be using a local anesthetic to numb your anal region.

In this surgical treatment, a tube containing a light and a camera will be inserted into your anal region. Your doctor will use this light and camera to find your hemorrhoid and then he will put a band around hemorrhoid which will cut down blood supply – resulting in shrinking of hemorrhoids in coming weeks.

This surgical procedure is very simple, and there are no complications after the surgery. Some people develop colon perforation, but this condition is very rare. You may get bleeding in the starting few days but again it will clear up quickly. Your doctor may prescribe painkillers to help you to handle pain.

2. Sclerotherapy:


This surgical procedure usually recommended as an alternative to Banding. Instead of a tube, in this surgical procedure chemicals are inserted into the anus that numb the region so that you don’t feel pain and also these chemicals numb the tissue of hemorrhoid.

The result of this surgical procedure usually comes in six months when hemorrhoids size decrease to the level where they don’t cause pain or discomfort.

The biggest advantage of this surgical procedure is no pain. People barely feel any pain from this surgical procedure. You only need to rest for a few days. And after that, you can start your regular activities but with little care.

There is no complication reported by the people after having this surgical procedure.

3. Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation (HAL):

Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation

Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation is one of the successful surgical procedures, and that is why I listed it as third in this list. People who go through this procedure experience 100% successful rate.

You will be using general anesthetic in this surgical procedure, but this procedure is a lot less invasion as compared to surgical procedures listed below.

In this hemorrhoids surgery, your doctor will insert a probe in your anus called Doppler Ultrasound Probe. This probe will create soundwaves in the body that will help doctor to identify which blood vessel causing a problem in your body.

Once your doctor identifies the blood vessels then he will stitch them that will cut down blood supply and your hemorrhoids will shrink quickly in the next few days and it might be possible you will experience complete cure in a few weeks.

The biggest benefit of this surgical procedure is the success rate. People who opt for this surgical procedure are happy with their results. And another great benefit of this procedure is the quick recovery rate. This means that people can continue their work in just a couple of days.

However, the reason I put Hal on third is because of a drawback. And this drawback is the blood when you pass stool. You may see blood as you pass stool, but this is not much problem as this symptom will clear itself in the next few days. Another than that, there is no side effect of this surgical procedure.

4. Hemorrhoidectomy:


Hemorrhoidectomy is also a common surgical procedure for hemorrhoids. However, in this surgical procedure, you have to stay in the hospital for a night and you will have to take general anesthetic to fall sleep till the doctor completes the whole procedure.

In Hemorrhoidectomy, doctor will open up your anus and then cut down hemorrhoids. You will not feel any pain during the procedure (as you will be asleep), but you will feel some pain after the surgical procedure.

Your doctor will prescribe you some painkillers to overcome the pain. It is important to follow doctor instructions carefully and don’t overdose these painkillers to avoid any side effects. The recovery time for this procedure is around one week. Also, you will not able to move for a few days after this surgical procedure.

The chances of hemorrhoids returning after this surgical procedure are very little. According to doctors, 1 out of 20 patients sees hemorrhoids returning back. Your doctor may also recommend a fiber-rich diet to reduce the pressure on your anus. Dietary fiber also softens up your stool so that passing them makes easy.

5. Stapling:

Stapling Surgery

Stapling is another surgical procedure which is now very rarely perform by doctors to operate hemorrhoids. In this procedure, you will be using a general anesthetic and its results are much similar to Hemorrhoidectomy.

Doctors use this procedure for operating external hemorrhoids. However, doctors don’t prefer this procedure and only use it as the last option. This is due to the fact that this procedure can create some serious health complications and also the chances are high that hemorrhoids come back.

In this procedure, doctors staple a large part of the intestine known as anorectum – the last part of the intestine. When the doctor staple the anaorectum, then it stops hemorrhoids from prolasting as it cuts down blood supply. This makes hemorrhoids to shrink in the next few days.

One of the facts that this surgery procedure was preferred over Hemorrhoidectomy in the past was the short recovery time. Although you will have to take few weeks off from the work but you likely have much pain after the surgery. Most people handle post-surgery pain with painkillers. Some may need strong medicines and some may not.

The main reason I put this surgery in the last is because of the success rate. Although your hemorrhoids will shrink in the first few days but then they will start growing again. And for this reason, many people prefer to opt for other surgical treatment.

Another drawback of this surgical procedure is complications. Men and women both experience different complications after going through this procedure, and for this reason, this procedure is not common anymore.

If your doctor is recommending this surgical operation, then it is good to ask him about other surgical options or consult other doctors before going through this procedure.

Few Last Words:

So that was all from this article. I hope this article has provided you with much information about the options you have if you decided to opt for surgery for your hemorrhoids.

However, you should keep surgery option at the last because many people able to get quick relief from Saviour Strategy for hemorrhoids, and along with that they adopt a fiber-rich diet and herbal remedies to treat their hemorrhoids naturally.

It is your life, so take some time and then take any decision.

In case if you want to know more about hemorrhoids surgery, or if you have any question, or you want to add something, then feel free to use the comment box below.