Hemorrhoid creams
Hemorrhoid Creams

10 Best Hemorrhoid Creams For Quick Relief

The pain and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids are very difficult to handle. Sometimes, this pain and discomfort become so severe that it starts affecting our daily activities.

If you want to get instant relief from this pain, then hemorrhoids creams can be a perfect solution for you. Most creams contain Hydrocortisone as the active ingredient that helps in reducing pain, swelling, and itching.

When you start looking for hemorrhoids creams then you will find plenty of them. Not every one of them is effective and can provide results as you are looking for. So I decided to do deep research on them, and find out what ingredients they contain, and many other factors.

So without further ado, here is my list of top 10 hemorrhoid creams.

Best Hemorrhoid Creams:

Hemorrhoid creams

Hemorrhoid Creams

Active Ingredient

Doctor Butler’s



Eucalyptus oil




Phenylephrine HCI

Diosmin Expert


Dibucaine Ointment





Zinc Oxide


Artificial Musk


Turmeric and Mustard Oil


Here is a detailed overview of these creams

1. Doctor Butler’s Hemorrhoid Cream:

Doctor Butler’s Hemorrhoid Cream

This is the top hemorrhoids cream that can provide instant relief from pain, swelling, and itching. The cream is created by Doctor Butler who is a proctologist and has 30 years of experience in treating hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

This cream includes ingredients such as Phenylephrine (active ingredient), aloe vera, ginseng extract, Vitamin E, algae extract, and hyaluronic acid. All these ingredients are effective in treating hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

The product is manufacture in the USA in FDA approved facility. Every product is tested and goes under strict testing before releasing for delivery.



Amazon’s Top selling hemorrhoid cream

Not for individuals under 18

More than 45K satisfied customer

It contains herbs which cause allergy to some people.

Created by a certified proctologist

Made in the USA under FDA approved facility

Available without prescription

Contains powerful herbs and ingredients

2. HemoTreat:


HemoTreat provides fast, safe, and effective relief from discomfort. It is 100% safe and effective for both internal and external hemorrhoids.

This hemorrhoid ointment contains six ingredients – petroleum jelly, camphor, calcium carbonate, adept sullies, and eucalyptus oil that removes irritation, itching, and also reduce inflammation and swelling in the body.

This hemorrhoids cream is very effective in providing quick relief without any side effects.



Popular hemorrhoid cream

Contains strong smell

Provide quick results

Best for piles, fissures, and swelling

Best-selling hemorrhoid cream

3. RectiCare:


RectiCare Anorectal Cream is one of the very popular hemorrhoids creams that contains an effective active ingredient.

Medical professionals often prescribe this cream for relieving soreness. Additionally, this cream helps in relieving hemorrhoids symptoms. This cream works best for both internal and external hemorrhoids.

The best thing is, this cream contains 5% lidocaine that is a very effective ingredient in numbering the pain and providing instant relief.

Here are some quick benefits:

  • Lidocaine 5%
  • Highest Strength
  • Local Anesthetic
  • Best for hemorrhoids and anorectal disorders

4. Equate Hemorrhoids Relief:


Equate is a Kuwait company that has a high reputation in providing creams with promising results. They also have one cream for hemorrhoids that provide relief from burning, soreness, and itching.

The active ingredients of this cream are: petroleum, glycerine, pramoxine, and Phenylephrine HCI.

Additionally, this cream also contains Aloe Vera that protects the skin from different diseases and bacteria.

This cream is effective for both internal and external hemorrhoids. You have to apply this cream 5 times a day to get effective results.




Contains Aloe Vera

Don’t use this cream if you have bleeding hemorrhoids

Provide maximum relief from Hemorrhoids

Rapid action cream

Best solution for hemorrhoids

Shrink hemorrhoids tissue


5. Diosmin Expert:

Diosmin Expert

Dulac is an Italian brand that makes creams and ointments. This Diosmin Expert cream work best in providing relief from burning feeling that is associated with hemorrhoids.

The single tube of Diosmin Expert contains 40 grams cream that is a good quantity, as you can use it for a longer period. Another benefit of this cream is, this cream contains no mineral oil, silicones, and parabens. This cream has some proven natural ingredients such as, Hesperidin, Diosmin, Horse Chestnut, and many others.

Some of its pros and cons are:



Doesn’t contain oil or silicones

Slightly Expensive

Perform Rapid Action

Dermatologically Tested

40 grams cream in a single tube

Karite Butter


6. Dibucaine Ointment

Dibucaine Ointment

Dibucaine Ointment contains 1% Dibucaine as its active ingredient that helps in reducing pain, discomfort, burning, itching, and others.

Every Dibucaine Ointment packet contains two tubes, and every tube contains 28 grams. This means you are getting 56 grams of cream.

Additionally, this cream has a high user rating and work quickly in providing relief from symptoms that are associated with hemorrhoids.



56 grams of cream

Expensive than others

Contains a highly-effective active ingredient

Provide relief from itching, burning, and others.

Also work with inflamed hemorrhoidal issues


7. Shouhengda Antibacterial Cream

Shouhengda Antibacterial Cream

Shouhengda Antibacterial Cream is one of the effective creams for hemorrhoids and related issues. Shouhengda is the brand that is behind this cream, and this is one of the cheapest options in the hemorrhoids cream category.

This cream got a very high user rating and many users are saying good things about this cream.

You only have to apply this cream for once or twice a day to see results from it. This antibacterial cream solves issues like burning, pain, and itching caused by hemorrhoids.



Shrink distended veins

Every tube contains only 20 grams

Easy to apply

Highly affordable

Improve vein health of your anus

Provide quick relief against hemorrhoids

8. Anusol Hemorrhoids Treatment Ointment

Anusol Hemorrhoids Treatment

Anusol is a top-quality brand that makes highly-effective creams and ointment for the treatment of different diseases and infections. Anusol has recently launched a new cream for hemorrhoids offering quick relief from itching, burning, discomfort, and other symptoms of hemorrhoids*.

The active ingredient of this cream is Zinc oxide, while other ingredients are: Balsam Peru, Bismuth Oxide, Bismuth subgallate, and other ingredients.

These ingredients have antiseptic properties that work quickly in providing relief. Balsam Peru is the ingredient that is proven to promote new skin cell generation.

This cream work for both internal and external hemorrhoids.



Reduces burning and other discomforts created by hemorrhoids

Reports of rashes published by some users, so a patch test is required

Work best for both internal and external hemorrhoids

Contain antiseptic ingredients

High-quality ingredients

The affordable hemorrhoids treatment option


9. Mayinglong Hemorrhoid Cream:

Mayinglong Hemorrhoid Cream

Mayinglong is another Chinese brand that offering a high-effective treatment option for hemorrhoids.

Each pack of Mayinglong Hemorrhoids Cream contains multiple tubes. You will be getting a total of 40 grams that allow you to use it for a long period.

This cream contains artificial musk as an active ingredient, while some other ingredients are: artificial bezoar, pearl, and other ingredients.



Best for External Hemorrhoids

Single tube doesn’t work for a longer period

Contain effective ingredients

Treats blood circulation detumescence, and heat-clearing

Best for treating hemorrhoids symptoms



10. Nupercainal Hemorrhoids Ointment

Nupercainal Ointment

Nupercainal treats pain and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.

This cream uses dibucaine as its active ingredient because dibucaine has a numbing effect and lasts longer than lidocaine. This cream also contains oils and petroleum jelly which work as lubrication for easy and smooth bowel movements.

This cream can offer relief that can remain for up to 8 hours. However, this cream provides only temporary relief and don’t have enough ingredients to shrink hemorrhoids. If you are looking for quick and temporary relief, then it is a good option. For a permanent cure, you can check out Saviour Strategy.



Therapeutic topical relief

Provide temporary relief

Numbing Property

Have reports of allergenic reactions so do a patch test

Also treat minor sunburns and insect bites

Provide fast relief from itching, burning, and pain.


Final Few Words:

Hemorrhoids can cause pain, burning, and itching that can be very uncomfortable. So the quickest solution to treat these symptoms is hemorrhoids creams.

From all the hemorrhoids creams I mentioned above, I personally used Doctor Butler’s hemorrhoids cream because it is the best-selling hemorrhoids cream, and it works very effectively.

I hope this article gave you information that you need about hemorrhoids creams and help you in selecting cream that can provide quick relief.